Thematic Industry Days at CERN 19.-20. september 2022 (Online)

Cabling, assembly and industrialization of electrical cabinets/switchboards, power converters and switchgears

Deltag i CERNs Thematic Industry Days den 19. og 20. september 2022 omhandlende "Cabling, assembly and industrialization of electrical cabinets/switchboards, power converters and switchgears". 
Arrangementet afholdes online af CERN og man kan tilmelde sig via email til Henrik Bak Jeppesen inden 5. september 2022.
Ved tilmelding bedes i medsende info som beskrevet i følgende xls-fil.

Se præsentation fra CERN om arrangementet inklusiv 5 eksempler på de udbud der kommer inden for området: Cern Præsentation

Agenda er som følger: 

Day 1, morning

Plenary Session
•Welcome and introduction to CERN (Director/DH of CERN), 30 min
•Procurement rules (Procurement Service), 30 min
•Few (~5) presentations of CERN technical officers on upcoming requirements, each 20-30 min (see later in this presentation)

The presentations will be very technical, with many details on
•Well defined, forthcoming needs;
•Recurrent needs (sourcing takes time, so although the needs are not yet defined; this event gives the possibility to meet new potential suppliers);
•Companies who have meetings with CERN representatives are asked to participate with technical experts at this meetings. The technical experts of CERN giving these presentations, will be present during the technical B2B meetings (see next slide) to continue the discussion.

Day 1, afternoon and Day 2
B2B meetings with companies selected by CERN from the participants of this event
•Companies, who are interested in meetings with CERN representatives or other companies, shall supply a detailed company profile description, which has to be detailed enough for CERN technical & procurement officers to judge their interest in meeting a company
•CERN will select companies for meetings with the aim to identify suppliers that are new or with whom CERN has very little experience. Suppliers who are well known to CERN are very welcome to participate during the presentations, but will probably not be invited for meetings with CERN representatives during this event. Likewise, if there is a need to reduce the number of meetings, CERN will give priority to suppliers from poorly balanced and associate member states
•Companies can arrange meetings with other companies (for example with the aim to form consortia for answering to CERN requirements)

For the meetings with CERN technical and procurement officers, we propose the following agenda:
Short presentation of company (15 min)
Virtual visit (for example using a cell phone and walk through the factory, if acceptable by company), 15-30 min
Discussion of possible collaboration (15 min)

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